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Rules and policies

It is the aim of our school to create a culture of positivity whilst communicating expectations for behaviour. In order to achieve this vision, we are committed to a School wide positive behaviour system (SWPBS).

We are a large school community and, as such, acknowledge the importance of having a consistent understanding of our Security, healthy relationships, integrity, nurturing, excellence (SHINE) values and what they look like, sound like and feel like every day. SHINE is the essence of who we are.

SWPBS provides a structure for us to unpack our joint understanding of our SHINE values. It is a process for actively teaching our students two things - social skills and academic expectations.

As a community, these are the skills and expectations we believe are vital in making our SHINE values a reality.

A comprehensive understanding of our school's rules and policies is available in our School Handbook and the following headings cover some of the more commonly discussed topics.

Responsible behaviour

The staff at this school recognise that all children have the right to learn and all teachers have the right to teach in a physically safe and emotionally stable environment. We recognise that children require guidelines in which to operate and that learning is optimised when learners feel safe and happy. For these reasons, the school has developed a Responsible behaviour plan.

At the commencement of each year, individual classes develop their own expectations for responsible classroom behaviour based on our SHINE values which gives the children ownership and a clear understanding of what is expected. This plan is communicated to parents at the beginning of the school year.

In teaching our school community the expectations for responsible behaviour, parents and students are made aware of our Dress code and Sun smart policy.


At Warwick West State School we proactively work towards eliminating bullying by teaching skills for resilience and providing students with strategies for dealing with potential bullying situations. For more information, see our school
bullying policy. We also use the Responsible thinking process on occasions when students need guidance to make better decisions around behaviour.


Homework provides students with opportunities to consolidate their classroom learning, pattern behaviour for lifelong learning beyond the classroom and involve family members in their learning. The setting of homework takes into account the need for students to have a balanced lifestyle which includes sufficient time for family, recreational and cultural activities.

Recommended times allocations per week for each year level are:

Prep no homework

Year 1-3 up to an hour

Year 4-5 up to 2-3 hours

Year 6-7 up to 3-4 hours

For more information see our Homework policy.


Warwick West State School is serious in its intentions to provide students with a safe, information-rich environment. Students are made aware of safe online practice and cyber safety (PDF, 349 KB). It is our policy to provide computer facilities for the school community to access and use a range of electronic networks. This includes: Local Area Network (LAN), bulletin boards, email and the world wide web. Access to and use of these resources is conditional to Internet use agreement and the appropriateness use of the materials made available.