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We proudly believe that our library is the social hub of our school and that it is a welcoming and dynamic space for learning.

Warwick West State School library is an exciting shared learning space where users can interact with print and non-print resources, to engage in a multitude of activities which connect them to the wider world.

There is a strong focus on promoting the love of reading.

Students, staff and community borrowers access our ever-changing, ever-expanding collection. The selection of resources is based on a strong curriculum focus. There is a bank of nine student computers and fifteen iPads that can be booked for student and staff use as well as a class teaching space with a mobile interactive whiteboard. Four other computers are also usable in this space.

A primary goal for the library is to provide a wealth of engaging reading resources for student reading spanning from re-prep to young adult. Engaging readers and promoting reading as a positive activity of choice is at the foundation of the collection development process.

The library is a very popular space with an annual loan rate of approximately 36 000 resources. We use the Libcode Library Management System and our catalogue and a wealth of useful websites can be remotely accessed via CME Web.

Library staff

Our library is staffed by a qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teacher-librarian, Sue Higgins and a highly competent library assistant, Heather Schiffmann, both of whom are passionate about promoting the library and all it offers to the whole school community.

Volunteers are welcomed and are an important part of the successful functioning of our library.

Student borrowing

All students are encouraged to access the library daily as it is open before and after school as well as at the second lunch break. As well as this, P–7 classes are timetabled with weekly class times in the library. The aim of teacher-librarian directed library lessons is to support and further develop the classroom curriculum content with particular focus on C2C English as well as to enrich student knowledge and use of quality literature. Years 4 and 5 are also involved in writing coaching based on The Seven Steps to Successful Writing Program. Other special events are highlighted through library activities as well for example: NAIDOC Week, Anzac Day, Book Week, Reader’s Cup Challenges. Students are encouraged to 'borrow a bonus book' over mid-year holiday breaks but return all resources at the end of the school year.

The maximum loans per student is graduated with the year levels as follows:

Prep–Year 2: 2 resources

Year 3: 3 resources

Year 4: 4 resources

Year 5-7: 5 resources

We also encourage community borrowers to enjoy the resources on offer in our library. Parents and carers are encouraged to become borrowers and can lend up to ten resources. We have a small but focused parent collection with popular and relevant titles for parenting.








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